It’s safe to say Ab-Soul isn’t a big fan of Jay Electronica. On Thursday night, the TDE member took the stage at the second annual STEEZ Day Festival in Los Angeles to send a message and/or “shot” (if you can even call it that) at the Brooklyn rapper.

While spitting an acapella freestyle during his set, Soulo decided to come to defense of his TDE leader Kendrick Lamar, who if you remember was on the other end of Jay Electronica’s shots back in February on his song “Curse Of Mayweather.” It’s not a huge shot, but it should definitely be enough to get Jay’s attention as Soulo spits…

“I was like a swami to Jay Electronica until he figured that Kendrick wouldn’t admit that he would body him for a milly
I told Dizzle “keep quiet, I’ma get him, We don’t need dirt on your hands getting the keys to the city, you feel me?”
It hurts when your OG who’s supposed to be a G-O-D
Is standing next to King Kunta feeling like Toby
Moose, what I gotta do boy?
I’m just waiting on your cue to take ’em to school, boy"

In addition, Soulo decided to also call out Troy Ave during his freestyle as well, which you can watch for yourself below. Check it out.