First, it was kids tweeting at Wendy's looking for a way to get free chicken nuggets for a year. Now, kids are tweeting their favorite athletes hoping for a way to get out of their final exams.

Yesterday, a high school senior in Indiana sent a tweet to Kobe Bryant, explaining that he made a deal with his teacher and if he got a retweet from The Black Mamba, the entire class would get a pass on the final exam. Kobe obliged, quoting the original tweet, "Hope you have an A in this class."

Today, Peyton Meyer of Janesville, Iowa asked Packers QB Aaron Rodgers for a retweet to help her class get out of a Sports Lit final.


"We were talking about the news in sports like we do every day, and she mentioned that a student at another school tweeted at Kobe [Bryant]," Meyer told ESPN. "We asked if we could do the same, and we know she loves Aaron, so that's why we picked him."

Here's how it played out.