Just months after Amazon announced that The Boondocks and Black Jesus creator Aaron McGruder would be working on a new show for the budding streaming service, one of his creations has been hit with a lawsuit. New York-based author Saint Solomon has sued Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and the creators of Black Jesus for stealing the concept for the show from his short story Thank You, Jesus.

According to the lawsuit, Solomon’s Jesus has many similar elements to the raunchy Adult Swim show, including being black, homeless, drink and curse. The Thank You, Jesus story was originally published in 1999, when McGruder was still publishing The Boondocks comics.

Solomon is asking for a hefty sum in damages: over $75 million. While he may have a point with the many similar story elements, the question remains as to why he waited until the show was in its third season before submitting the suit. Surely it would have been obvious after the first few episodes?

[via TMZ]