Aaron McGruder is the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed animated series, The Boondocks. Before it became a staple on Adult Swim's nightly programming, it was a comic strip that provided hilarious yet controversial commentary on current events. With the help of Charlamagne Tha God, McGruder revamped the cartoon strip to address a few of the controversies making headlines today.

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Charlamagne debuted several new cartoon strips from Aaron McGruder. The comic strips address a few headline-making news topics such as the #MuteRKelly movement which McGruder famously addressed in season 1's "The Trial Of R. Kelly." McGruder also took aim Robert Mueller and brought back Uncle Ruckus for the strip.

"Did these for fun (and to see if I still could). More to come… exactly how much more is tough to say," he said via Charlamagne Tha God's Instagram page. "These strips were only possible due to the enormous talent of my good friend Seung Kim, who did the animation for the old show - and he’s a busy guy. Thanks to him and thanks to Charlamagne for putting these out for me while I get my instagram act together.” 

Although The Boondocks lasted four seasons, McGruder wasn't involved with the final season. The final season was aired in 2014. McGruder went on to create another Adult Swim show, Black Jesus -- a scripted live-action sitcom that follows a modern day Jesus Christ living in Compton.