Late NFL star Aaron Hernandez lived a troubled life off the field, but even when he was in the locker room or on the practice field with teammates he exhibited bizarre behavior that ranged from threats to conversations about cuddling with his mother.

The Boston Globe's investigative six-part series into Hernandez's life has shed light on how the former Patriots Tight End acted around his teammates, specifically how his mood could change in the blink of an eye. Former Patriots wide receiver Brandon Lloyd provided information about how he and others experienced Hernandez's frequent mood swings.

"There would be swings where he'd be the most hyper-masculine, aggressive individual in the room, where he'd be ready to fight somebody in fits of rage,'' said Lloyd. "Or he'd be the most sensitive person in the room, talking about cuddling with his mother. Or he'd ask me, 'Do you think I'm good enough to play?'''

"He is looking at me wide-eyed,'' Lloyd recalled of Welker, "and he says, 'I just want to warn you that (Hernandez) is going to talk about being bathed by his mother. He's going to have his genitalia out in front of you while you're sitting on your stool. He's going to talk about gay sex. Just do your best to ignore it. Even walk away.'"

Lloyd also shared an example of one time when Hernandez was so disruptive during a walk-through that Tom Brady resorted to telling him to "shut the fuck up" and to "get the fuck out of here."  

"(Hernandez) was out at the walk-through in flip-flops trying to run around,'' Lloyd said. "He was laughing. He was loud. And Tom keeps it serious in the walk-through. And Tom says, 'Shut the fuck up. Get the fuck out of here.''' “It was like he went from this child-like, laughing, disruptive behavior … and he storms off in a fit of rage.’’

According to ESPN, The Globe's report also notes that Brady had once told Tim Tebow that he was trying to watch over Tebow's former Florida Gators teammates, Hernandez and linebacker Brandon Spikes, but that they were "a lot to handle."