Details continue to emerge about Aaron Hernandez's life behind bars in the wake of his suicide, including the many nicknames that he had at at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Lancaster, Massachusetts.

According to a new report obtained by TMZ, Hernandez had a plethora of nicknames including, AA, Double A, and A Money, as well as Rokk Boy, Big Nose, Boom, Chico, and Can't Get Right.

Additionally, the prison records includes some of his music playlist which includes songs by Drake ("U With Me?" and "With You"), Rihanna ("Selfish Girl", "Unfaithful") and The Weeknd ("Earned It," "False Alarm"). 

According to the AP, Hernandez had written "John 3:16″ in red ink on his forehead before hanging himself with a bed sheet in a prison cell where his body was found on April 19th. According to state police, he also scrawled it in blood on the wall of his cell.