Soulja Boy isn't the only one who experienced a comeback this year. Aaron Carter has also been making headlines but perhaps, not for the right reasons. Over the past few weeks, familial issues, primarily with his older brother Nick, have been running rampant in the news, including claims of physical and sexual abuse. But it's his general antics that have helped him gain relevance again.

Over the weekend, Aaron Carter was having a jolly ol' time on social media when he decided to show love to none other than Beyonce. Back in the day, when Aaron Carter was still at the top of the music industry, he used to rub elbows with the biggest stars in the game, including Queen Bey and Destiny's Child. To declare his comeback, he shared a real photo of himself and Beyonce dancing at a party.

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images 

"omg @Beyonce I just want you to know that love you always and your music! also, I wanted to let you know I never forgot when you let me open up for you and @destinyschild in 99 & 2000! that's all I wanted to say #Beyhive thank you for everything you've done for me. #IMBACKBEY," he wrote.

Despite the shout out, the BeyHive was very wary of the shout out. Many said that he's clout-chasing and using Beyonce's name just to get his views up.

The backlash prompted Aaron Carter to issue another statement, clarifying that he never actually reached out to Beyonce but rather, wanted to show his appreciation for her.

"I never asked beyonce to reach out. It’s fine. She’s knows me. & I know her. I just wanted to tell her thank you and she’s an inspiration. I need no clout from anyone. Trust me on that. Especially beyonce. We toured together and that’s a fact everyone acts like I lie @Beyonce," he wrote.