Former child star Aaron Carter has been on a turbulent rollercoaster ride as of late, getting a bunch of face tattoos and acting erratically for several months. These days, he has been a little quieter but he decided to revert back to his old ways by uploading a nude photo of himself to social media and announcing to the world that he's single.

Mere weeks after he got his girlfriend's name tattooed on his face, Aaron Carter has announced that they are no longer together. Following her arrest for domestic violence, Melanie Martin is reportedly no longer in a relationship with Carter. The pop artist revealed their break-up to his fans by posing nude in front of the mirror, making sure his "Melanie" face tattoo was in plain view.

Aaron Carter nude
Presley Ann/Getty Images

"A bachelor's life is no life for a single man," wrote Carter as his caption, smoking a joint in the photo.

In addition to his declaration that he's happily out of his relationship, the entertainer also switched his name on Instagram to read "SINGLE." 

It seems to me that Aaron Carter REALLY wants people to know that he's single. Why else would he be going to such lengths to define himself by his relationship status? 

Check out the picture below.