If there's a child star that has certainly changed from the squeaky clean image he once held, it's Aaron Carter. The former kid star is now 32-years-old and in recent years, he's been embroiled in a few head-scratching headlines that have given pop fans pause. Aside from Rihanna-inspired tattoos and internet beefs with his relatives, Aaron Carter has been excommunicated by his siblings for, they claim, threatening physical harm. Carter has made himself a controversial figure with his antics, but he forges ahead with his music career with his fiancée by his side.

Aaron Carter, Michael Jackson, Vlad TV
Jerod Harris / Stringer / Getty Images

The singer recently sat down with Vlad TV to talk about his days with Michael Jackson, as he and the music legend were reportedly close when Carter was younger. Aaron Carter seems to regularly speak about his friendship with the late King of Pop and during his conversation with Vlad, Carter claims that he once asked Jackson why he liked spending so much time with children.

"He started giggling and he said, 'Because the best way in the music industry to stay relevant is to always keep instilling a positive message into the younger youth and showing them different sides of life,'" Carter claimed Michael Jackson said. He then alleges that he spoke with Jackson just weeks before he died and the music icon told him that he couldn't take living life anymore.

Check out what else Aaron Carter had to say about smoking weed with MJ and much more below.