Johnny Manziel was released from the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL this week due to an alleged breach of his contract. In addition to being released, the former CFL quarterback was banned from the CFL entirely, meaning no team in the league can sign him. With that in mind, no one really knows what's next for Manziel, although many have already theorized he may join the Alliance of American Football or the XFL in 2020. For the AAF though, they're not sure just yet if a Manziel signing would be in the cards.

"We don’t know," AAF co-founder Charlie Ebersol said according to Sports Illustrated. "We’re trying to get to the bottom of what happened in Canada."

Essentially, Ebersol just wants to make sure that the league takes the necessary precautions before letting a guy like Manziel into the league. He's had a troubled past and the league wouldn't want any negative press tarnishing their league.

"We want to be a league of opportunity to the best available players, assuming they are available contractually, with a clean bill of health and a clean criminal record," Ebersol explained. "We want them if they can play at our level. We have to have guys who play at a level that every single guy has a shot to get back to the NFL. We look at everybody. If he is clean and clear, we will certainly talk to him about coming out for a workout."

In eight games with the Alouettes, Manziel finished with a record of 2-6, throwing five touchdowns and seven interceptions.