With the news that the AAF is folding, a lot of the attention has been shifted over to the players that are now out of a job. Players were told that they will not be receiving severance pay for the rest of the season and that their last game cheque will be the last money they receive from the league. The AAF has also stated that players are now allowed to sign contracts with the NFL if they are offered and so choose to. While this is great news for those who showed improvement in the new league, others are being left in the dust. 

In a new report from Deadspin, it was revealed that players actually had to pay their own way home when the league folded. Many players were on the road away from their homes and when the league went under, the AAF did nothing to help the players out. Anthony Manzo-Lewis of the Memphis Express says the whole team had their belongings thrown out of their Hotel Rooms and into the lobby after the news broke. According to Manzo-Lewis, the hotel hadn't been paid for.

Other players have said that their health insurance was completely wiped out once the news came. Salt Lake Stallions linebacker Gionni Paul was diagnosed with a broken arm and now has to foot his own medical bills because the AAF insurance plan is no longer valid.

Perhaps the weirdest case comes courtesy of Memphis Express lineman Logan Tulley-Tillman. The lineman signed in early March and was given a free place to say, according to Deadspin. When the league folded, Tulley-Tillman was forced to pay over $1,700 in rent, when the place only cost $700 a month.

Stay tuned for updates on this situation as new information will surely come out in the coming weeks.