Chicago rapper AAB Hellabandz, or Ameer Golston, was shot and killed on May 11, 2019. According to Local 10 News, the killer has finally be arrested. Austin Hall, 26, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Police believe Hall was seeking revenge after AAB Hellabandz was named as the alleged shooter in a previous murder. Hall also was recently convicted of armed robbery, and was in Miami Beach before having to turn himself in for a sentence.

“It was pretty brazen to assassinate somebody in the middle of the street, next to a nightclub that was packed,” stated Miami Beach homicide detective Alberto Porro in regards to AAB's murder.  “This case had to be done slowly and surely to build it to the point that we are now. So that we are pretty confident that when this goes to trial or in front of a judge, there’s no doubt,” Porro said. The case took so long because police had to use surveillance footage and telephone records. However, it was Chicago PD that helped get Hall into custody, as all the evidence led Miami police up to the Windy City. “Without them, this would be an unsolved case right now,” Porro revealed.