While Texas is one of the few states that has relaxed some of their social distancing guidelines recently, it appears that some locals have relaxed social distancing in their personal lives as well. As per Texas guidelines, it is allowed to gather in groups of 10 people or less. 

Carl Crawford has been in the news when it comes to his label, 1501 Entertainment, and his deal gone sour with Megan Thee Stallion. Today, however, he's returned to the news for another reason entirely, and it's heartbreaking.

The former MLB player reportedly had a small group of people-- reportedly 6 people total-- over on the weekend, including a woman and a small boy. KHOU 11 has uncovered that the woman in question was 25-year old Bethany Lartigue, the girlfriend of a recent signee to Carl's music label. She was reportedly staying at Carl's home and shooting music videos when this incident happened. 

While Carl was inside, a small boy apparently wandered away from the group and fell into Carl's pool in the backyard. The boy was not related to Lartigue, but was the son of someone else who was on set for the music video, reports state. According to witnesses, Lartigue went in after the child in order to save him, but wasn't able to get out of the pool, resulting in the death of both the woman and the child. Carl reportedly attempted to save them, as did paramedics when they arrived on the scene, to no avail.

Carl Crawford shared a statement on what happened over the weekend, which reads:

"This weekend, a terrible accident occurred at my residence resulting in the tragic loss of two precious lives. It’s devastating, I’m in complete shock and don’t really know how to move forward in this moment because my heart aches so deeply for the families.

After I reached out directly to the families to express my condolences and willingness to stand side by side with them as they grieve through this difficult process, I agreed to share this joint statement on their behalf:

We are heartbroken and deeply saddened by our loss. We ask for your continued thoughts and prayers for all those involved, as we begin the difficult grieving process ahead. Out of respect for the lives that have been lost, we ask that you provide us the necessary privacy required to grieve and properly mourn the loss of our loved ones. Please keep the families in your prayers."