Back in July, Montreal-born DJ and producer A-Trak enlisted the help of Lil Yachty and Quavo for the vocals on his latest offering, "Believe." The back-and-forth that both rappers developed for the song impressed A-Trak so much that he's now likening them to one of hip-hop's most legendary groups.

"A lot of the traditionalists of hip-hop try to not give Yachty props," he said. "Yachty is dope. He's good. He killed it on this song. That style, you know, of kicking a couple bars back and forth, to me, that's some Run DMC s**t. Quavo's one of the best right now. His diction is so the opposite of mumbling. No one articulates as well as him. It's crazy."

While it's probably unfair to jump to conclusions and say that A-Trak is calling Boat and Quavo the "new" Run DMC, the overlapping bar-spitting is definitely reminiscent of the group that came to fame in the 80's with tracks like "It's Tricky" and their Aerosmith cover/collab "Walk This Way." All that aside, Yachty and Quavo continue to team with names outside the hip-hop community on songs that are destined for some high-level exposure. Quavo's recent co-sign with Camila Cabello sounds like to become a pop smash, while Lil Yachtyis said to be featured on an upcoming release from Diplo.