One of Inside The NBA's greatest achievements is the weekly roundup of the best bloopers in the NBA, as narrated by Shaquille O'Neal in a segment called Shaqtin A Fool. Many of you are familiar with the lowlight recap that Shaq and the TNT crew put together during their Thursday night broadcast but if you're not, just know that Shaqtin' eventually comes for everybody

From Russell Westbrook and James Harden to the former Shaqtin MVP, and all-time legend, JaVale McGee, nobody is safe. And that includes the guys who actually request not to be featured on the weekly recap.

According to a recent "True Story" tweet by Shaqtin A Fool producer Mike Goldfarb, one "Top 5" NBA star had his agent ask Shaq to keep his client off the Shaqtin A Fool segment. 

This request was reportedly ignored by Goldfarb and his staff, but it begs the question: Which Top 5 guy is that insecure? 

LeBron? Durant? Someone else? Let us know which NBA star you think is scared of getting called out by The Diesel.