While anticipation grows for A$AP Rocky's second album's release, At.Long.Last.ASAP (A.L.L.A), Rocky has been up to a lot more than just rapping. Since the release of Long.Live.ASAP in 2013, Rocky has been on hiatus, at least, from the rapsphere. Even before he dropped his debut album, he started experimenting in the business of fashion. He's since taken on new roles as a director, producer, and model, all the while remaining a corporate fashion connoisseur. While choosing to remain out of the music limelight, we've also seen a more quiet, mature Rocky emerge, with a slightly different outlook on life due to the loss of his best friend and visionary, A$AP Yams, and a breakup from his supermodel girlfriend Chanel Iman. Despite all of this, Rocky has been working hard on numerous business ventures and big-name collaborations. Take a look to get caught up on what your favorite jiggy rapper has been up to in between albums. Unsurprisingly, a lot of it has to do with fashion.