Robert Allen, one of the four men allegedly responsible for the murder of XXXTentacion, has been placed into U.S. custody. According to TMZ, Allen will be extradited to Florida to face charges, alongside suspects Michael Boatwright and Dedrick Williams. 

According to TMZ, Allen was arrested yesterday, after hiding out in a rural part of Georgia. Apparently, he was laying low at his sister's house in Eastman, when he was found by The Marshals Fugitive Task Force. Though his sister did house a fugitive, the report claims she was ultimately cooperative when it came time to make the arrest. 

For some context, Allen was originally placed on police radar after surveillance footage caught him lingering outside the motorcycle dealership that X was visiting moments before his tragic murder. TMZ reiterates that he was previously indicted him on charges of first degree murder and armed robbery. It's a good step in obtaining justice, especially given the previously unsolved state of several prominent hip-hop murders. It seems likely that X and his family will receive justice, though it may prove a Pyrrhic victory. 

Still, it's not over yet. The alleged "trigger-man," Trayvon Newsome, remains at large. We hope that authorities can bring him to justice before long. RIP XXXTentacion.