Just when you thought you'd seen it all in New York. Videos surfaced on Sunday of a subway train car that had been taken over by a full Thanksgiving feast, complete with a table set up in the middle of the car covered in traditional Thanksgiving dishes. While the event was obviously planned by a specific group, strangers were invited into the festivities simply for being close by. Everyone was welcome to grab a plate and enjoy the food, and this generosity resulted in a truly wholesome moment in the bustling city's underground.

Despite the initial heartwarming feeling that the pure sight evokes, some users on Twitter found it made their stomachs churn.

One user pointed out all the various contributors to how unsanitary the subway is, listening off "bacteria, rats, smells." They even mentioned the "doo doo particles in the air," which another user supported by pointing out that "people be sh*ttin on the train" and that this causes them to "barely even wanna eat a snack on the subway." This loss of appetite is backed up by another user who couldn't imagine eating dinner on the subway, instead feeling like they "need a shower when [they] get off the train." The public transportation system is certainly a hotbed for germs and grime, and while a Thanksgiving feast on the subway sounds nice in theory, it's probably lowkey nasty in reality.