Top Dawg Entertainment always keeps us on our toes, and we’ve all learned our lesson after they pulled the bait and switch by dropping new Kendrick when it was literally the last thing on everyone’s minds. Label CEO Anthony Tiffith is teasing us again, tweeting out very recently that he “will drop something when my plane touchdown in LA 2nite… kool?”

We already know there’s a new Schoolboy Q single and album lurking somewhere on the horizon, so it could definitely be that. However, a quick look at Tiffith’s Instagram shows that he was recently listening through Isaiah Rashad’s upcoming album, and it sounds amazing. Lastly, it could be something completely different, as Tiffith plays coy at another 'b-sides' release in the same style as Untitled Unmastered. This is really a win-win situation. 

So when does his plane touch down already??

EDIT: Tidal has also confirmed the release with a tweet of their own. Look for the "release" to presumably be around midnight.