Gucci has to be the most name-dropped brand in hip-hop right now. The innovative luxury label has come out with some questionable products over the years, much like any high-fashion house, but this has to be one of the most head-scratching moves we've seen since Balenciaga's "T-Shirt Shirt." When you purchase a swimsuit, you expect to be able to, you know, go swimming in it. Gucci's creative director, Alessandro Michele, seems to believe that swimsuits are meant to be worn out of the water. Or at least that's the case in one of the brand's most recent products.

Even at its high price points, Gucci has a tendency to sell out their items. Many of their designs have been hits this year but a surprising sell-out has to be their swimsuit that can't be worn in the water. Selfridges, a department store in the U.K., has officially sold out of the swimsuit, which should really just be described as a bodysuit. Detailed as a "sparkling swimsuit with a Gucci logo," the shop notes in the fine print that it shouldn't actually be worn in the water. Instead, Michele recommends pairing the piece with high-waisted jeans, skirts, or other bottoms while avoiding crease marks. 

Because of the material used (80% nylon and 20% elastane), it is being advised not to wear the bathing suit in a chlorinated pool. Knowing this piece of information, it still sold out at Selfridges for $380 a pop. Take a look at the swimsuit via DailyMail and peep everyone's reactions below.