By now, you would have thought that the New York Giants had received enough persecution for their loss to the Green Bay Packers by way of the grand Twitter roast the team was the subject of. However, in a new report from ESPN, the sports outlet added to the clamoring negative conversation surrounding the team by suggesting that star play Odell Beckham Jr. was part of the reason the team lost.

Other than the receiver's poor performance stats of four catches for 28 yrds. the report cites that "It’s time for the talented but mercurial wide receiver to get past these antics." The article lists several instances where Odell's immaturity showed but focuses on his post game wall punching incident and it's ramifications.

He was also recently put on blast for his behavior on camera after their loss to the Packers.

Do you think Odell needs to grow up?

You can decide for yourself and read an excerpt from the story below and check out the full article here.

When the Giants lose, there is always something with Beckham, whether it’s hitting the kicking net, losing his cool against the Minnesota Vikings, banging his head against the wall or complaining about the officials. There is always some sort of drama. Well, it’s time to grow up. It’s time for the talented but mercurial wide receiver to get past these antics. He’s not a rookie anymore. He’s not an obscure player. He’s a role model to millions of young fans. There are many players who want to win just as badly as Beckham. They’re able to keep their composure after games and don’t go around banging their heads or punching walls.