June 11, 2007 marked the date that Stack Bundles, a member of the Rockaway Riot Squad was murdered execution-style in his Far Rockaway home.

Ten years after the death of his fellow Riot Squad member, rapper Bynoe took to social media to announce that a full-length project is on the horizon, featuring unreleased tracks from Stack and other artists.

Hopefully, this project produces posthumous tracks from Chinx, another prominent member of Riot who passed away in a similar manner in 2015.

"On this 10th Anniversary we are please to announce that a album will be release in October of 2017 distributed by Empire. Title "The Rock's Star" The album will feature never released tracks from Stack and various artists," wrote Riot Squad member Bynoe on Instagram. "The album will take you threw the life and time of Stack young career from his early days with the Queens Rap Group The Grits to his time in Chicago with 1st /15th Lupe Fiasco ,Tha Riot Squad, DJ Clue 's Desert Storm and Jim Jones 's Byrd Gang. The first single to the album is set to be released later this month."