Well here’s another Friday night treat for fans. Out of nowhere, a new Kanye West record has surfaced online tonight called “Midas Touch”, and its pretty dope.

With no information as for where it came from or where it will live, the bouncy, Rihanna-referenced headbanger is presumably the follow up to Yeezy’s “All Day” single. Some publications are stating that this maybe a leftover from Rihanna’s upcoming R8 album, but who really knows. Seeing how this leak is only a long snippet, maybe Rihanna will be featured on the full version?

We’ll keep you posted on any information that surfaces, but for now, just enjoy the hell out of it while you can! While you’re at it, peep Kanye’s verse on Vic Mensa’s dope new single “U Mad”.

So Help Me God is definitely on the way.

Quotable Lyrics:

"Cause I cut a bitch
I fucked a bitch, go find another bitch and I never trust a bitch
You don' catch a nigga thirty times on some baby mother shit
Talkin' 'bout you celibate
But she still suck a dick
This that half a brick quarterbrick, eh!
Come and place your order bitch more of that gutter shit"

[Via Vibe]