The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil won't begin until August 5th but there is already a billion red flags, conservatively speaking, about what's in store for the athletes that are traveling to the host city. 

"I am optimistic about the games, but I have to show the reality. We can make a great Olympics, but if some steps are not taken, it can be a big failure," Francisco Dornelles told Brazilian newspaper O Globo.

For one, cops and firefighters are welcoming people at the airport with a massive sign that reads, "WELCOME TO HELL." That's definitely not a good thing.

Secondly, there aren't any fully functional hospitals which is also not ideal. And who could forget about the main concern, the ZIKA virus?

In addition to all of those problems, a mutilated body recently washed up on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, the very beach that Olympic beach volleyball will be played on. It's