Calling all Michael Jackson fans! Updates from TheShadeRoom inform that a Michael Jackson Broadway musical is on the way for this summer 2020. The news outlet cited the arrival of the Broadway musical's premiere on August 13th, 2020. Beforehand, there will also be a preview of the upcoming performances on July 6th, 2020. Hence, you can expect to get a little sneak peek into what sounds like the best show in town. The premiere will occur at the Neil Simon Theatre and will consist of an artistic breakdown of Jackson's career milestones and achievements.  The show will take a trip down memory lane approach to it al by placing emphasis on Michael Jackson's artistic growth through his 20s and 30s. Dance routines will be curated by famed choreographer Christopher Wheeldon. You can also expect to undergo an experience that will revisit Michael Jackson's catalogue of hits. To top things off, Pulitzer prize recipient Lynn Nottage is currently penning a novel based on the highly anticipated musical.

This definitely sheds a more positive light on Michael Jackson's legacy which many believe has been dragged through the mud recently with the release of Leaving Neverland. MJ the musical was stopped in its track numerous times with reports of the aforementioned documentary threatening to end production. In the end, the release will occur and you can happily expect it next year.