This could not have been planned better if it was a viral marketing trick (jury’s still out on that theory). In the midst of the OJ Simpson trial’s revival with the show “The People v. OJ Simpson,” TMZ is reporting a knife originally found buried at the scene of the crime has only just come into the authorities’ possession.

Apparently, a buried folding buck knife was found by a construction worker some time between the demolition of OJ Simpson’s mansion in 1998 and “several years ago.” It’s not a very clear timeline by any means, but definitely isn’t a recent find.

The LAPD looks bad again in this one, as the knife was reportedly handed to an off-duty traffic cop, who took it home as a personal souvenir instead of sending it in for lab testing. The officer held onto the knife for years, until he retired this year and tried to have the knife framed with the departmental record for the case. Talk about trivializing murder.

Thankfully another officer who found out about the knife reported it to his superiors, who immediately seized the knife for testing. It’s possible the knife has blood residue on it, but will be hard to tell after many years of rust and decay. However even if OJ’s DNA shows up on the knife, he cannot be charged for the murder because he was already prosecuted and acquitted for that crime.