Drake stays true to the three words he lent to Juvenile's Rich Gang single "Show Me Love." "I Show Love" is mantra he lives by when he's in the 6 and when he's on the road. Drake rarely mentioned his Canadian identity during the beginning of his career, setting himself apart from most city-repping, street-affiliated rappers. Since, he's gone on to dedicate himself to "the 6," giving Toronto that universally-recognized nickname and anointing himself the "6 God." 

Still, he remains a byproduct of the post-regional rap game, taking interest in the budding scenes and styles in different cities across the world and paying homage in different ways. While he's on tour, he makes a special effort to connect with fans in each city he comes through fans, whether it be by bringing out local artists or simply by working shout-outs into his lyrics. 

Drake is gonna make himself feel right at home whether you think he belongs in your city or not. His non-stop, city-to-city, country-to-country love for the fans makes him one of the best live acts out. Here's a recent history of Drizzy putting on for different cities across the globe.