Ah, Valentine's Day, the day Cupid clocks in absurd amounts of overtime. He floats out of bed, loads his quiver with arrows, and starts shooting like a matchmaking Robin Hood. Love is certainly in the air on this day, and the days proceeding while everyone tries to get cuffed before time runs out. 

Everyone spends the day a little bit differently, in elementary school Valentine's Day meant chocolate hearts and handwritten letters to your crush. The day becomes a lot different as an adult, while some of us spend the day reminiscing about our past lovers (or shredding their photos), while some are lucky enough to be coupled up on this love day and want to make the day extra special for bae. Trust us, no matter how pretty the wrapping paper is, your partner will know if you picked their gift up at the corner store the night before. Chocolates and roses are fine, but you want to be enchanting, so we've created this list specifically for your hip-hop loving boo, as a way to set the mood for your romantic evening. Whether you're single, in a "situationship" or have just met your soulmate, we've made a list of eight gifts guaranteed to impress everyone from your bestie to your beau. 

And don't worry, if all else fails, light some candles and put on a 90’s Slow Jams playlist and shower your boo thang with some love and affection. If you're spending the day alone, it's especially important to make the day sweet for yourself - you deserve it.