The biggest video game expo in the US, E3, took place last week, and gamers were blessed with a mountain of new gaming news. Although Microsoft did not announce a new video game console at the event, a leak has revealed that they are working on a new system behind closed doors. In fact, the leak claims that Microsoft will be unveiling more than just one system in the upcoming years. 

According to Ars Technica and Thurrott, internal documents outlining Microsoft's future hardware rollout puts an emphasis on a new system codenamed "Scarlett." The new system may not be just one console, as sources are claiming that Microsoft is working on a family of devices. That could mean that the new console will come with a tablet or smart device that allows for portable play much like the Nintendo Switch. It could also mean that Microsoft is launching a family of consoles that will offer different advantages. Whatever the devices may, everything is pure speculation until Microsoft announces the console, or consoles, themselves. The Scarlett will reportedly be released in 2020, which makes sense. By that time, the Xbox One will be seven years old, which is ancient in video game console years.