Back in 2016, Drake appeared on SNL and addressed his status as one of the most memed figures in pop culture. In a comically impassioned plea, Drizzy claimed to be "more than just a meme," yet, at every turn, the “Nonstop” rapper seems doomed to be fodder for a wealth of internet punchlines: his music catalog seems to grow as quickly as the gifs. Perhaps what makes Drake so marketable is his relatability, a faux feeling of insecurity mixed with chest-thumping antics that endear him to the public.

Here’s a Drake gif for every mood, even the moods you didn't know you needed gifs for. You do.

When the Second String Forgets their Jersey

Who can forget that one person on the high school basketball team who would always leave their gear at home? Sure, they were second string, but on the offchance coach put them in they’d have to wear something, right? So you’d do them a solid and offer your jersey to keep things moving along. Or maybe you’d be forced to, who knows.

When You’re Bartending for the First Time

Should you ever find yourself tending bar, you’re gonna be asked to water down drinks till they taste like chasers themselves. But you’re trying to be the GOAT for the 21st birthday over on the deck, and you decide to be generous with the Ciroc. Unfortunately, you make eye contact with the manager: it’d be awkward to continue pouring, but oh well; you’re gonna take the L for the crew.

When You Have to Plead The Fifth

The “Hotline Bling” video was insane in its ability to create viral moments, and "who knows" Drake was a particularly useful thing to come out of the Director X joint. It’s applicable to just about every situation, but especially when you’re asked if you were present when things hit the fan. The answer is always no. 

When You Can’t Yell (Again)

If you’re 6ix9ine, screaming is kind of your thing. But if you’re a bit more low-key you might not want to express your anger by shouting repeatedly. Instead, give sarcasm a go. Applaud and cheer like this grandpa-looking Drake, starting with a slow clap and then gradually building into a standing ovation of sorts.

When You Have Too Many Vodka Crans

Someone at a party once declared that vodka crans were a “woman’s drink”, whatever that means. Regardless of ‘who’ should be drinking them, they taste pretty darn good, and are practically juice after those fireball shots that began the night. You might start to feel looser after drinking a few in quick succession, thus this gif, showing your decision not to care about your lack of rhythm.

When You’re Driving on Long Island

This might be too geographically specific, but if you know, you know. Once Manhattan and the other Burroughs are left behind folks on the Island will really give you a run for your money. Driver’s ed doesn’t seem to be a thing out there, and you’ll find yourself throwing signs like Wesley Snipes tax documents.

When You Have to Deflect DMs

This is a problem some have more than others, but the DM slide is this decade’s response to 2005’s "can I get your number?" People have traded digits for the Instagram aesthetic, shooting shots on Story after Story. As of now VSCO’s don’t have a messaging feature, which is probably for the best.

When You Wanna Make it on Barstool

Barstool Sports is known for being fond of golf, ‘good boys,’ and people who are so hopelessly drunk that a future employer is guaranteed to at least chuckle while throwing away their resume. However, they’re also fond of old people at tailgates, so if you’re in your mid-to-late sixties this Drizzy move might be your key to five seconds of fame.

When You Can Finally Afford Two Phones

Kevin Gates famously declared that two was better than one, but with the staggering prices of phones these days having just one is a feat. But hey, maybe you managed to tone down your Taco Bell addiction for a year and opted not to renew your Xbox live subscription, effectively saving enough money to get another one. That calls for a celebration.

When You’re OTW

The phrases “I’m on my way” and “leaving now” seldom mean what they are intended to. “Getting ready” is another way of saying you’re still in the shower, trying to remember where you left the Tims you don’t care that much about. If you actually do find yourself OTW, however, this gif sends more of a statement than any emoji ever could.

When The Groupchat Finally Agrees on Plans

Making plans on where to eat while in a relationship is harder than proposing (don’t @ me). Now try doing it with the people in your group chat and you’ll be wanting to pull a Tommen Lannister. Oh, and that one person with a Samsung needs to get it together. Being unable to name the group and just seeing everyone’s name all cobbled together is worse than MJ’s baseball career.

When You’re Feeling Conflicted

Ah, internal conflict: the stuff Netflix shows are built upon. If you’re pressed to answer the question "what’s wrong?" try forgoing the "I just got a lot going on" line and try this gif instead. You might be left alone, but it's more likely that they’ll press you for more info. In that case, just send the gif again (that should do it).

When Someone Doesn’t Watch How They Speak on Yours

Sure, you can post some videos to Instagram defending your partner a la Kanye, but its always better to say it with your chest. Make sure to have someone take your phone beforehand, though, especially if your jeans got holes in them. Your rage at a cracked screen will only make things worse. 

When You’ve Met Your Match 

If you think you’ve found the so-called ‘one,’ maybe, idk, tell the person? The last thing you want is to drop that knowledge years later in an interview when the ship has effectively sailed.

When You Haven’t Yet Mastered the “In My Feelings” Challenge

"So I hop out of a moving vehicle, and then- well, I’m not sure." If this is you, that challenge is pretty dated by now; may want to give it up.