Sunday was a pretty contentious day in the NFL. It was the last day of the regular season which meant a whole slew of teams were battling for position and the last available playoff sports. While the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants already had their fates secured heading into their game yesterday, there was still plenty of pride on the line. In the end, the Cowboys squeaked by with a 36-35 win but perhaps the biggest battle wasn't on the field but in the stands.

As seen in the video above, a Dallas Cowboys fan starts beating on a Giants fan before a lady intervenes and pulls the Giants fan away, saving him from the beat down.

The Cowboys patron is heard yelling that the Giants fan touched his son and that's why he started throwing punches. We don't get to see that altercation take place in the video. It seems as though the cameras were only pulled out mid-fight. 

Thanks to their 10-6 record, the Cowboys won the NFC East and will now face the Seattle Seahawks next weekend in a wild-card matchup.