Wiz Khalifa is known to have a joint in-hand at all times, and the Billboard Awards red carpet is no exception. Apparently, Wiz thought it would be totally cool to light up before the event, but was quickly approached by a police officer who forced the rapper to put the weed away.

A photographer on the scene recounted the event on Facebook, writing, “Wiz Khalifa smoked weed on the Billboard Music Awards red carpet blazing some AK-47. A police officer told him to keep that shit off his carpet or he’d have to arrest him. It might be legal for medical in Vegas, but the cops don’t have the tolerance they do in LA.”

Khalifa instagrammed the interaction the next day, captioning the post; "'Could you put the weed out sir?' Yes of course."

Seems Wiz wasn't too bothered by the request, and chances are, he'd already smoked enough to get him through the ceremony, or, more likely, he sneaked out for a couple puffs here and there.