Rome Fortune, usually as prolific as anyone in his home city of Atlanta, slowed down in preparation for the release of his debut album, Jerome Raheem Fortune, which arrived today on Fool's Gold Records, the Brooklyn-based independent label that has long mitigated the divide between genres, especially hip-hop and electronic. 

Jerome Raheem Fortune is both of those and much more. Each of the three singles he unveiled, beginning with October's "Dance," has revealed a new layer to his artistic vision. "Blicka Blicka," which premiered on Beats 1 earlier this week, finds Rome rapping boastfully -- though about his ability to withstand industry pigeonholing and to achieve success whilst remaining himself, his blue (or green, depending on the season) beard and red cowboy boots in tact. 

For years now, Rome has been known for his visual aesthetic, and not just for the fashion on his person. The artwork he's put out alongside his music has always been immediately striking and thought-provoking. Viewing each of his mixtape and EP covers alongside each other, they also reveal a progression on how Rome has grown as an artist. 

We decided to use the artwork associated with Rome as a starting point to have him recall his journey through the Beautiful Pimp series, which earned him name recognition, to Jerome Raheem Fortune, the release he feels presents him most fully and honestly as a subject. 

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