When it was announced at the last minute that Kanye West would be throwing a listening party for his latest album, Ye, everybody was wondering what was going to happen. As it turns out, Kanye would end up flying out dozens of his friends, collaborators, and industry insiders to crowd around a campfire to listen to his album for the first time. Oh, and Connor too. 

Connor isn't famous, just a big fan of Kanye. Big enough that he was willing to make the trip down to Wyoming from his home state of Colorado to try his shot at getting into the party. In an interview with triple j, Connor explained his motivations for crashing the party. 

"I’m a huge Kanye fan," Connor said. "I learned about it the morning that everybody learned about it. I’d already heard Kanye was in Wyoming and heard through a Pusha T interview he was staying at the Amangani Hotel." 

After making his way to the hotel where Kanye was staying, several armed guards made his chance of sneaking in slim. However, a chance encounter with Tony Williams allowed him to procure a wristband and enter the ranch. 

Connor ended up in the crowd, mingling among the celebrities and musicians. He says he made it a mission to talk to everyone he could, including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The experience was surreal.

"It was so surreal seeing all these people online and in my music playlists for all these years and then being able to stand next to them," said Connor. "I was crying too at some points. It was so crazy."