It's been only two days since Donald Trump's walk of fame star was destroyed for the second time by the now famous Austin Clay (The video of him destroying the star is a pleasure to watch) and a piece of the rock has already found its way to eBay. Apparently the pocket-size chunk has a starting bid of $500 which, considering how easy it is to go and chisel yourself out a piece with a pick-axe, seems a bit steep. There's still a week left of bidding but it's likely that the stone will be taken off the site before then, which is what happened the last time someone smashed Trump's star. 

The previous attempt to auction off Donald's walk of fame tile was being sold to raise money for "women who had accused Trump of assault, as well as a college organization that works to end sexual violence on campuses." Not bad. This time around the seller hasn't intimated any intentions to donate the proceeds.

The vandal, Austin Clay, apparently smashed the star after his frustration with the president mounted to a point where he could no longer keep it all in. The straw the broke Clay's back was Trump's recent move to not just detain immigrant families and their children, but to detain them separately and without much of a plan.