Trump has struggled big time to get well-known artists to perform at the series of events that will accompany his inauguration. It's no stretch to say that most "A-list" musicians are vehemently anti-Trump. That includes just about every rapper but also the elder statesmen of rock 'n' roll, such as Bruce Springsteen. The Trump team probably didn't even try to request the presence of The Boss, but surprisingly, they were able to book a band that describes itself as the next best thing: The B Street Band. 

The B Street Band has been paying tribute to Bruce (and the E Street Band) since the '80s. They also happened to play at the New Jersey-themed parties for both of Obama's inaugurations, though the man they seek to emulate would have approved both of those performances. He was one of many celebrity guests at a recent farewell party held by Obama, who awarded Springsteen with a Presidential Medal of Freedom in November. 

Just last week, Springsteen spoke about his feelings about the imminent Trump presidency on the WTF podcast. "I've felt disgust before, but I've never felt the kind of fear that you feel now," The Boss told Marc Maron. In an October interview with Britain's Channel 4, Springsteen referred to Trump as a "flagrant, toxic narcissist" with "no sense of decency." 

But The B Street Band clearly feels OK about performing Bruce's hits without following his example. After all, they are just a cover band, and they rarely get the chance to play at such an exclusive party. The event in question is being dubbed the Garden State Gala, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will serve as the honorary chair. The NY Daily News got a hold of the invitation, which you can read below. 

"Be prepared for a spectacular evening as we capture the fun and romance of the Jersey Shore with dancing in the Presidential Ballroom to the B-Street Band, the #1 Springsteen tribute band, serve hot and hearty nostalgic delights at our ‘Boardwalk Cafe Buffet,’ offer you an open bar and entertain you with Jersey Shore boardwalk amusement games in the ‘Fun Zone’ to the tune of Jersey's music legends from Frank Sinatra to the Four Seasons to Lauryn Hill." 

Sounds like a good time ... until you remember what's being celebrated. The party goes down in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 19. Trump becomes President the next day.