Born Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., T.I. is more than just a rapper. He has co-starred in several Hollywood films such as Ant-Man, ATL, and Takers, he's published two novels, all the while, he built his record label from the ground up (not to mention, his own career, lest we forget he started out really in the trap-- and then proceeded to help define the genre in rap music, too).

Beyond his business and career pursuits, T.I. has been an astounding father and husband, sharing his fame with his family, for better or for worse, on his reality television series T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle. While T.I. may not have as many years in the rap game as Nas, he might not have as many #1’s as Jay-z, and he might not have as many successful proteges as Dr. Dre, TIP is basically the self-appointed Yoda of rap. His uncanny wisdom is often well-spoken and contemplative. T.I.’s knowledge comes from both experience and observation. His street smarts, coupled with his tenure as a CEO, has given him perspective from both the ground floor and the rooftop suite. 

Throughout the years, T.I. has delivered eloquently articulated jewels of knowledge to both his peers and his companions. No stranger to scandal himself, T.I. has been involved in rap beef, legal battles, record label disputes, and has had his own personal life thrust into the media spotlight. No matter the situation though, TIP handles himself like a gentleman, an intellectual, and a boss. If we were to comb through every T.I. sound bite on the internet, I’m certain we could construct the next 48 Laws of Power.

Here are The King of the South’s most pertinent pieces of wisdom. Do you need some advice from T.I.? If you could ask for his advice on any subject, what would it be? Let us know in the comments.