Today most celebrities are either double or triple threats, expanding their careers into other forms of the entertainment world. Rappers are no exception to this surge of multi-talented public figures and have been a part of the growth for sometime now. As far as additional career ventures many of these eminent figures in hip hop have undertaken acting. Many have failed, but through the years a select few have succeeded in the merging of careers, proving that they have the talent to effectively take on the craft of acting and convince the audience despite their familiarity with their contrasting persona off the big screen. Seeing that they are less than abundant, these rappers who thrive in their roles are not only memorable but also electrifying.

To pay tribute to these multi-talented superiors of hip hop we've assembled a list of the top movie roles played by rappers. You'll see the likes of Eminem, DMX, Cam'ron and more appear in the list.