Drake broke the Internet two nights ago by unexpectedly releasing his brand new mixtape If You're Reading This It's Too Late. It looks like Drake did the cover art himself, writing out the mixtape title in all caps above the signature 6-God prayer hands. He also included, in the same all caps chicken scratch, a very extensive list of thank yous to the people who helped him complete the project. We attempted to decipher Drake's penmanship and track down each person listed. Here goes...

The first man he mentions needs no introduction--40, or Noah Shebib, has been Drake's producer from the very beginning. He has production creds on four tracks on the new tape: "Madonna", "6 Man", "You & the 6" & "Jungle."

Oliver El-Khatib is Drake's co-manager and the OVO founder. 

Niko is Drake's longtime friend who now serves as the brand manager for OVO. He opened the flagship OVO Store in downtown Toronto.

Mazin is another close friend of Drake's. He acted, with Wheelchair Jimmy, in the '06-'07 season of "Degrassi." He also appears in a skit with Drake that aired during the Juno Awards. 

Ethan is another one of Drizzy's BFFs. On "Know Yourself," Drake reminisces about the good 'ol days: "Then Kanye dropped, it was Polos and backpacks / That's when Ethan was pushin' a Subaru hatchback." 

You probably know Preme as P Reign, who is the most famous member of the Greater Toronto Rep Ups crew. He recently collaborated with Drake on "DnF."

Gelo, real name Angelo Ferraro, is yet another member of the OVO crew. He's somewhat of a social chair for the team, organizing dinners and events while OVO is on the road. He also carries the necessary party supplies. On "Tuesday," Drake tells Gelo to "bring the juice. We about to get lit." 

Mark is another integral part of the OVO touring team, helping Drizzy make it through his hectic schedule any way he can.

Jordan is another member of Drake's huge friend group. Catch him in the "Headlines" video during the cinematic dining room scene.

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