A Boogie's The Bigger Artist was a surprising effort from the rapper for many people. The project proved that he's more than capable of releasing a cohesive project. The album spawned the platinum "Drowning" record as well as other hits such as "Somebody," "Beast Mode" and more. However, the song that caught many ears was "Say A." The rapper dropped the official video for it at the top of January and now, he revisits it with a live orchestra.

A Boogie joined forces with a nine piece orchestra to deliver a spectacular live rendition of the rapper's hit song "Say A." The orchestra does an incredible job at executing Ness and Seely's production. A Boogie tackles the vocals without any auto-tune but he still keeps the same energy on the song. The orchestra consists of a piano player, several violinists, drummer and a cellist. 

The Trap Symphony was presented by Audiomack who actually did a similar effort alongside Migos a few years back. Migos performed "Hannah Montana," "One Time" and "Handsome and Wealthy." Unfortunately, the effort was done during Offset's incarceration so it was only Takeoff and Quavo performing the songs.

Aside from A Boogie's live series alongside a Trap Symphony, he recently shared his first offering since dropping The Bigger Artist. A Boogie linked up with Tee Grizzley for their collaboration on "Became Legends." The song sounded like a new direction for A Boogie so hopefully, it's a sign that he has a new project in the works.

Watch the rendition with a live orchestra below.