Like Victor Frankenstein facing the consequences of his monster's creation, so too must the game's rappers watch their alter-egos run amok and wreak havoc. At some point or another, emcees tend to find themselves squaring off against their split personalities. Eminem has gone up against Slim Shady. T.I. has engaged in a battle of wits with T.I.P.  Now, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is set to follow suit, confirming that his upcoming album A Boogie Vs. Artist is currently in the works. 

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The New York rapper took a moment to share a piece of advice on his Instagram story, encouraging his followers and fans to invest in property -- "you don't need to be rich for these types of things just set goals and accomplish." From there, he turns his sights to the music, providing an update on his upcoming album. "And then it's back to the music for me," he writes, with a smile. "A Boogie Vs Artist is almost done. I'm starting videos February." 

While it's admittedly not much to go off, it's welcome to see A Boogie setting the stage for his next move. Even without a clear release date, the fact that A Boogie Vs. Artist is nearing the final stages of its completion likely means that we'll be seeing his Artist 2.0 follow-up sooner than later. It should also be interesting to see how his two personalities fare against one another, or more importantly, whether they'll be able to find common ground in the name of a cohesive project. Either way, keep an eye out for further news on the album, and place your bets -- between Artist and A Boogie, who would you bet on?