It hasn't even been one month since the tragic Florida school shooting by Nikolas Cruz and already there's another life lost at Huffman High School in Birmingham, Alabama.

Time reports that a 17-year-old girl was shot and killed during dismissal time yesterday while another boy was injured. Authorities are investigating the incident and talking to witnesses as they are unsure as to how this happened. 

“At this particular time, we are considering this accidental,” the police Chief stated at a news conference. “Right now we have a lot of unanswered questions.” The police aren't releasing too much information on who fired the gun or what kind of rifle was used but they do say that it was not perpetrated by “someone from the outside” entering the school.

“We are asking questions from the staff, the students, anyone who was in that area,” the Chief added. “This should not happen in schools.”

The city's mayor said the student was about to turn 18 and had aspirations to become a nurse. “We are not just talking about some person, (we’re) talking about losing a part of our future. Our hearts are heavy,” Mayor Randall Woodfin.