Back in May, responding to a domestic incident, Caucasian West Virginia police officer Stephen Mader held fire as a black man, Ronald D. "R.J." Williams, Jr., held a gun to his head threatening to shoot. Mader had learned earlier from Ronald's former girlfriend that the disturbed man had taken the bullets out of the gun, and was going to force his own suicide by police shooting. With that knowledge, Mader attempted to talk the man down, using a calm voice to disarm him, rather than his weapon. Unfortunately, when Mader's partners arrived, they open fired, killing Ronald in his home.

Claiming he put his fellow officers in danger, Mader's department terminated his employment following the incident. They offered to allow him to resign, and Mader opted to be terminated as a way of affirming his belief against any wrongdoing. While many murderous cops keep their jobs across the country, one good-hearted calm cop named Stephen Mader faces unemployment. What's next?