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A reggae singer from the neighborhood known as Cassava Piece, in the unruly and quite dangerous heart of Kingston, Jamaica, Mavado is one of the more successful contemporary reggae and dancehall artists. With close ties to the Hip-Hop community, the Jamaican musician has worked with several memorable artists, such as Ace Hood, Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes and Jay-Z. While Mavado is noted for his gritty lyricism depicting his life experiences growing up in a rough part in Jamaica, he often incorporates a spiritual message in his work. He has released two albums so far along with a handful of singles and in 2011, Mavado founded his own record label, Manison records. Having signed onto DJ Khaled's We The Best Music Group label, he released two star-studded sequels paving the way for future work. However, recent legal troubles involving "bodily harm" and "malicious destruction of property" with a vehicle have recently cropped up.

Facts Only

  • Mavado took his namesake from the Swiss watch company, Movado.
  • He is, to this date, the only reggae artist to have worked with Jay-Z.
  • In 2007, Mavado experienced an eventful, but quite unlawful, detention at the hands of Jamaican police. The events involved the singer getting thrown into a glass window resulting in his fingers getting sliced open.
  • His Rastafarian father was murdered in Switzerland.
  • Following an unfortunate incident with an automobile and counts of both "malicious property destruction" and "actual bodily harm," Mavado unsuccessfully attempted to appeal a court-ordered $100,000 fine.

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