90 people were hospitalized during Friday night's Hot 93.7 HOT JAM, a concert in Hartford, Connecticut featuring performances from Chance The Rapper, Kyle, and PnB Rock, AP reports. Police say that "excessive drinking" was the cause for many of the hospital visits.

50 underage drinking referrals were given out at the show, according to Hartford Deputy Chief Brian Foley. The deputy stated that a large number of those hospitalized for "severe intoxication" were also underage. The "extremely prevalent" tailgating, partying and excessive alcohol consumption was cited as well. The crowd is said to have been made up primarily of people in their late teens and early twenties.

While those who were charged at the show were mostly issued summons to appear in court, a number of arrests were also made.

A statement has not been made by Hot 93.7 or Chance The Rapper at this time.