In today's horrific news, a 9-month old baby named Emmaleigh Barringer has been declared deceased by West Viriginia authorities after she was sexually assaulted by Benjamin Taylor, her mother's 32-year old boyfriend. According to the police department of Ripley, WV, this is the grisliest sexual assault case they have ever dealt with. Taylor will be charged with first-degree sexual assault, and now that the baby has been confirmed dead, murder charges as well.

Tony Boggs, the county's sheriff, explained to the press that Benjamin Taylor did in fact have a criminal record prior to this horrendous incident: “This investigation is ongoing, but as far as his past and what she did or didn’t know, he didn’t have anything obviously of this nature in his past, or he wouldn’t have been out (of jail) period.”

Taylor's bail has been set at $2 million.