Yesterday Lil Wayne showed off several new tattoos, all of which were on his face. It might be uncommon for us regular folk, but for rappers, getting tatted up is part of the game, and basically mandatory. Think of Mac Miller when he first entered the game, a baby-faced young'n with two or three noticeable tattoos. Nowadays, Mac's heavily tatted on his arms and neck (with the exception being his face, but it's only a matter of time...). It's a rite of passage, and basically means the rapper is planning to be in the industry for the long run- rapping is one of the few jobs were being inked all over is welcomed with open arms.

Face tatts aren't for everyone, but they generally reflect on just how gangster a rapper is, or at least how gangster they like to portray themselves being. There are several rappers in the game with notable face tattoos, from Birdman to Kevin Gates to Wiz Khalifa. But it wasn't always so. Peep their evolution (we admit the order of these tattoos appear may not be 100% factual) with the GIFs of all their face tattoos above.