Name your favorite rapper. Eminem, Jay Z or Kendrick Lamar come to mind? What about Lorde? 

Rapper Ro Ransom recently made headlines by calling Lorde his favorite rapper. In a recent article he laid out his argument for why the Grammy-winning teen from New Zealand is his favorite. She’s outspoken, stands for something and even engages in beef with other artists, he argued. The quintessential characteristics of a rapper. These are all good points, but still, she’s not a rapper. She’s an amazing artist and singer, but a rapper is a stretch. We don’t call French Montana a lounge singer because of his horribly-beautiful-crooned choruses. 

Lorde may not be a rapper in our books, but rappers still love her. Rick Ross and Wale jumped on her hit “Royals” last year, and rumors are Kanye West is tapping her to work with him on his upcoming album. Lorde even performs a cover of Yeezy’s “Flashing Lights” during her live performances. That might actually give more credit to Kanye as a singer, than Lorde as a rapper. Anyway, this got us thinking about what other female artists rappers love. Here we go.