After being swept from the first round of the NBA playoffs by the likes of the Boston Celtics, the Philadelphia 76ers fired their head coach Brett Brown. Brown had been with the team since their "process" began during the middle of the last decade. While this Sixers team certainly has the pieces to be great, they simply haven't been able to translate their talent into results. Now, they are looking at new head coaching candidates, including Mike D'Antoni who recently left the Houston Rockets.

According to Philadelphia sports reporter John Clark, it's not just D'Antoni's coaching ability that makes him attractive to the 76ers. In fact, the team is convinced that D'Antoni could be a huge factor in bringing James Harden to the franchise once his contract is up in about two years from now.

While the 76ers have a talented roster, many have stated that the way it is constructed is just a tiny bit off and that Ben Simmons as well as Joel Embiid can't be a part of the same puzzle. With this in mind, some believe the Sixers should look to trade one of these stars, which could give room for a Harden to come in.

Of course, this is simply fantasy at this point when you consider how multiple factors need to line up for this to even happen. Regardless, it's something for Sixers fans to think about as the team looks for a new bench boss.