Chance The Rapper is preparing his long-awaited follow-up to Acid Rap for release next week, and it's got us excitedly refreshing ourselves on his back catalog in anticipation. While 2015's SURF, Chance's first full-length collaboration with the Donnie Trumpet-led Social Experiment should give some hints as to what to expect from the project, Chance has also been known to share loose tracks and ideas on his SoundCloud, standalone records that may have been forgotten by the casual Chance fan.

Today we're going through some of the records Chance has shared on SC over the last couple of years -- some proving to be some of his strangest detours, and others going on to become live staples. Whatever it is you come to Chance's music for, there's surely something for you in his SoundCloud stash. Click through the galleries to see some of the more memorable pieces from himself and the Social Experiment.